Keep the Change, Mr. Obama

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Our new Commander-in-Chief is wasting no time reneging on his campaign promises to bring change to Washington:

Beltway insiders will populate his new cabinet. And what a stellar bunch they are. To discuss a few:

· Tom Daschle, the former speaker of the house, who was a resident of Washington, D.C., during his tenure as Senator from South Dakota  (I thought you had to be a resident of the state you represented as a Senator. Naïve li’l ol’ me!), yet who received tax breaks on his Million-Dollar mansion in D.C. as his “required second residence” (where was his first?), will be your new Secretary of health. Persumably, his pro-abortion stance is the primary qualification for that office considered by Mr. Obama.

· Hillary Clinton. Now THERE’s a real beltway outsider, if ever there was one. She will represent the interests of at least SOME of the residents of the U.S. as Top Dip. Assuming, that is, she can get beyond representing the interests of France and Germany – AND get beyond being thrilled by Bill’s support during her campaign..

Presumably, she didn’t really mean all those nasty things she said about Obama during the campaign. And if she’s a beltway outsider, I’m Michael the archangel.

· Tim Geithner. Mister “What? ME, pay TAXES? No WAY, Jose!” He’s gonna be your new Secretary of the TREASURY? I understand you have to have honesty and integrity to hold that office. I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure I want somebody with all that honesty and integrity getting that close to our money. (

· Eric Holder. Now there’s a real gem for your Top Cop. Holder orchestrated, scripted, produced and directed a Clinton 11th-hour-and-59th-minute pardon for billionaire and tax-evasion/racketeering fugitive Marc Rich. Top Cops should have cleaner bedsheets.

Not all picks are beltway brontosaurs, and there are even a couple of good picks among those who aren’t. Janet Napolitano, for example will bring leadership and her own charisma to the Department of Homeland Security. And she’s tough enough to take the gloves off and go a few rounds with the heads of the alphabet-soup agencies, who are never enamored of too much freedom for the citizenry.

But the promise was for sea change. The delivery more resembles a dash of cold water in the face. Mister Obama, you can keep the change.



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