inaugration day and the future of republican party

As` we all know the annointed one will be inaugrated on tuesday. I think though instead

of just giving up we need to be pro active

and grow the movement. We got creamed in the last election because the dems had a much better

organzied machine than we did. I think the first

thing we should do is to study the the obama

machine. They knew what they were doing and

we did not. for .Also we have to nominate better

canidates for president than we did in 2008.

There was a real lack of excitement in the

mcain campaign and the republican base was

not happy with him as the republican nominee.

We have to articulate a real diffrence between

us and the dems. I think John Mcain was a very bad choice as   a nomminee we can and have  to do better so as not to repeat the 2006 and 2008


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