Good Luck, Man has been trying for Millenia

As I was reading this morning this interesting sentence popped into my eye.  All I can say is good luck, men have been trying this for millenia and still haven’t quite figured it out. (The sentence was a tease on the front page of  I’ve linked to the article.)

As Gillette tries to extend its grip on the grooming market, the company is trying to conquer the tricky, but rapidly expanding business of understanding what women want.

Gillette, good luck with that.

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  • I’m not sure how they can fit that into their business model.  Neither can most people.

  • Laurel

    If you can’t even figure out what the women in your life want, why is it you think you know what’s best for women you’ve never even met?  You do, after all, promote the party of womb control and marital policing.