Get Hyper-local; blog what you know

First off, a belated Happy New Year to you all.  I’ve been working on new initiatives at work and haven’t had as much time to blog, that’s why I’ve been sort of MIA lately.  Thanks to DD4RP, SSR, Garrett, and the rest of you all for picking up the slack.  It’s good to see the Tribe flourishing.

One of the things I’d like to challenge us all to do this year is blog hyper-local.  That doesn’t mean just location.  It means blog what you know.  The Angelic One has challenged us to pay more attention to popular culture.  If you see lots of movies review them here.  Tell us from a conservative’s point of view why it was good or bad (remember put spoilers after the jump and alert readers to same).  

If you are an elected official at every level blog what you are going through in your municipality.  dweir used to do so with regularity.  Are you running for local office?  If so let us know how it’s going and how we can help.

Are you a policy wonk on a certain topic? Do you know a lot about say wind power.  Let us know, point us to articles.  

Do you read other blogs incessantly. Is there something someone else has written that we should know about?  Put together a quick hits list of new blog posts once a week.  

Are you a voracious reader? Fiction, non-fiction, or heck even comic books graphic novels.  Review what you’ve read.  We’ve all written book reports before.  Write a review.  

I promise to be more active in the next coming weeks with more original thoughts and less here’s an article here’s what I think about it.  

It’s time to move to the next level.  This blog is you, this blog isn’t me, this blog isn’t DD4RP, this blog isn’t any one individual the power of this blog is the community it has created.  Let’s keep it going and 2009 looks to be even better than 2008 for Red Mass Group.

About Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno

  • Hey wait a minute!  I don’t read graphic novels, I read comic books!!!  Actually, over the past 20 years I’ve collected well over 30,000 comics at last count (which was actually some time ago).  I realized today that I average about $130 per month on them.  I buy your regular monthly comic books, no trade paperbacks or graphic novels for me!

    Actually, despite having countless letters published in local papers and several in the Boston Herald and Boston Globe, I had perhaps my greatest success just this evening!

    I was informed by the editor of The Amazing Spider-Man that the letter that I emailed them this evening after reading issue #583 (the one featuring a back-up story with Barack Obama) is not only going to be published in a couple of weeks in the letters page but I also won a highly coveted No-Prize for pointing out & explaining a continuity mistake.  Yes, it has to do with Article II, Section 1 of the United States Constitution in regards to being a “natural born citizen.”  NO, it didn’t relate to the President-Elect!  

    Actually, this makes 2 No-Prizes that I’ve won over the years.  The first was bestowed upon me by its creator, Stan Lee, in his former “Stan’s Soapbox” column about 10-15 years ago.

    Furthermore, I spent a segment on Ken Pittman’s radio show on WBSM 1420 AM discussing the pop culture trends of art & life in regards to the so-called “first gay superhero” that was in the news today.

    Are you a voracious reader? Fiction, non-fiction, or heck even comic books graphic novels.  Review what you’ve read.  We’ve all written book reports before.  Write a review.


  • The Angelic One

    The mavens of Political Correctness (PC) have pushed terms such as “graphic novels” to replace the more accurate phrase “comic books.” Some aspects of PC are completely idiotic. For example, actress are encouraged to abjure the term of their profession & call themselves “actors” like their male counterparts. Thus does cultural socialism continues its humorless task of leveling distinctions which signify the uniqueness of people.