First Reuters, now AFP: Is Obama Plane Disembarkation Doctored?

You may remember back in 2006 that Reuters got caught doctoring photographs of the bombing of Beirut.  I think the Agency France Presse has just done the same thing with a photograph of Barack Obama disembarking from a plane.  I first saw the picture below on the front page of the Drudge Report.

Something about the picture just doesn’t seem right to me.  First the Air Force would not fly a plane with the seal of the President in the door way, if the President wasn’t on board.  And, as full of hubris I think Barack Obama is, I don’t think he would put the seal on his plane.  

Now look at the picture.  How did Barack Obama get off the plane without whacking his head on the seal.  The seal seems to go completely across the entrance Obama just came out.  If the circle was on the wall of the plane inside the plane it would look askew as perspective would make it do so.  This image looks to me as if the AFP put the Presidential Seal in the opening with photoshop.  Below you’ll see a picture of Bill Clinton disembarking from one of the smaller planes in the executive transportation fleet.  The door opens outward and the seal is on the bottom right.  Is this a bit of editorializing from the AFP?

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