Evangelidis And Colleagues Announce A New Web Site

(Nice job Lew! I agree with everything in your compact!  I’m glad you guys are standing up for what’s right! – promoted by DD4RP)

Good afternoon fellow activists,

As you know, I am working with a group of concerned members of the Republican Caucus in the House of Representatives trying to bring about real change for our caucus, our legislature and our state.

Yesterday, we tried unsuccessfully to bring about such change by challenging the current leadership in the House. We offered ourselves as an alternative to Brad Jones and the team he has assembled to lead the Republicans. Those efforts came close to bringing about change, but unfortunately they fell only two votes short of being successful.

Today is about something different. It’s about taking things in a new and different direction. It’s about rebuilding our party and doing something constructive for the people of Massachusetts.

I’m posting here to make you, as the grassroots activists of our party, the first ones to know about the first step in this initiative.

We are launching a new Web page that is dedicated to taking back Beacon Hill for the people of Massachusetts. We want to take things in a new direction and help to create a legislature we can be proud of, one that actually listens to people and represents them appropriately. And it is specifically designed with you in mind.

The site is www.takebackbeaconhill.com. I hope you will take time later today and in the future to check it out. We will be updating it frequently.

One of the centerpieces of the site is a document we call the “Compact With Massachusetts.” It’s intended to be a promise that we make to you about what we will and will not support as your elected officials. It talks about things like having a government that is fiscally responsible and ethical, one that opposes tax increases and supports state aid for services on the local level.

It is our fervent hope that you will not only read through the Compact but also that you will support it and share it with your friends and colleagues. There is space on the site for you to contact us to endorse our efforts, and we hope you will choose to do so.

Thanks for your interest and for your support of efforts to make our state a better place to live and work through the advancement of the principles we all hold dear.


Lew Evangelidis

State Representative

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  • So do we have two Republican leaders? One that was appointed by the members. And one that is appointing himself?

    At a time when you should put your personal feelings aside and work with your fellow members you have gone the other route. The Leader who is Rep Jones from my understanding from reading the news today. Already has a web site for the Republican party way do you and 6 other republicans feel the need to split the party and take the loss so personal?

    Looking at the News today is like watching two strong pit bulls get thrown in the yard with the world watching. And just started fighting and fighting and fighting! But what these two strong alpha males don’t seem to understand is that there will be no winners. It just makes pit bulls look mean and ugly to everyone out in the world.

    At a time when you should take the loss and work with your fellow Republicans you just want to keep fighting in house. No one should be telling him good job. You should be saying let us stop this and work as a TEAM!

  • Now we need to split the caucus into nine and seven vote factions.

    There are good and bad members on either side of the divide, it’s not as if one side holds the ideological high ground.

    They need to come together and do something rather than bicker pointlessly about caucus procedure.  

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    that is can easily attract Democrats that are sick and tired of Beacon Hill corruption.  Trust me when I say that there are a lot of Dems that are as frustrated as us conservatives.  Good work.

  • There is an interesting case in the Alaska State Senate where the State Senate Republicans split over something Mavericky. The Alaskan State Senate is comprised of nine Democrats and eleven Republicans. Six Republicans split off and became Coalition Republicans working closely with the nine Democrats. The remaining five Republicans remained and did not join the coalition.

    A Coalition Republican is President of the Alaskan State Senate.

    The split is similar to what happened with the Felon and revolved around a leadership power grab.

    Read more about it here.

  • Alternative names that could have been used for the new website, especially coming out after Evagelidis’ cry baby comments.

    1. thepacifer.com

    2. babiesrus.com (Already taken of course)

    3. thewhinersclub.com

    4. takingourballandgoinghome.com

    Yet the new House Republican site seems to mention the entire membership of 16 and is not exclusive.