Deval’s Speech Tonight

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I wanted to reprint Deval’s Letter to the Editor that he got into the Boston Herald right before the election back in 2006.  Let’s see how the Old Deval would answer his own questions today:



How are you doing?

I mean it. Really. How are things going for you in Massachusetts today?

Are you tired of having to travel too far every morning to get to work, because you can’t afford to live closer? Tired of not seeing enough police in your neighborhood? Tired of sending your kids to schools where every activity requires another fee? Tired of watching your friends and relatives leave the state for better jobs somewhere else?

I’ve talked with thousands of people across Massachusetts during this campaign, and that is how they feel. They’re tired. They look around and they don’t like what they see. They are hungry for a change. They have had enough of politics-as-usual and the whole Big Dig culture. They know there are so many things we can do better.

I’m running for governor, of course, and the election is Tuesday. If I’m elected, I will work hard to restore both your hope for our future and your faith in your government. I have no doubts that if we pull together, we can get Massachusetts back on track.

We can fix our economy by creating an honest tax policy and by partnering with innovators across the state to turn good ideas – like alternative energy – into good jobs.

We can make all our schools vibrant places where every student gets a real chance to learn and where accountability matters – with all-day kindergarten, smaller class sizes and a longer school day to include after-school and enrichment programs.

We can make health care affordable and accessible by implementing the new health reform law with creativity and common sense.

And we can make our communities safer by putting 1,000 new police officers on the street and by preserving our strong gun-control laws.

I have worked as a business executive, and will bring that bottom-line sensibility to Beacon Hill. I have worked successfully at the highest levels of the federal government, getting agencies to work together. I have worked and lived in modest communities with humble people, and in affluent communities with accomplished people. I know from those life experiences that common sense comes from all quarters if you are willing to go ask for it and to listen.

If we don’t dare to commit to the best future we can imagine for ourselves here in Massachusetts, where will that leave us? Right where we are today. Tuesday, we have a chance to choose something better.

Are we better off Deval?  Are you going to cut local aid?  Are those class sizes shrinking?  Did you get those 1,000 new officers on the streets?  Is increasing the gas tax, an internet tax, closing corporate ‘loopholes’ and listening to a possible higher sales tax an ‘honest tax policy’?

Is the culture on Beacon Hill (Wilkerson etc) better since you have become Governor? I mean you are not only leader of the state but of your party.  

The state of the state tonight Deval… the buck stops with you.    

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