Deval: 1/2 Billion in New Taxes and Fees – Beer, candy, and soda tax. Oh and PAY RAISES too

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The governor’s Fiscal Year 2010 budget would raise $587 million through a variety of new taxes and fees imposed on Massachusetts residents. The governor said he recognized that increasing taxes and fees is difficult, but he said the alternative was worse.

Don’t forget, he also would support an increased gas tax, more tolls, and an increased meals tax, oh an casino’s to bring in more money.  

Did I also mention that he also is giving out 4% raises this year?…

Gov. Deval Patrick’s administration has told department heads they can give some union employees 4 percent pay hikes over the next two years, according to an internal memo obtained by the Herald.

oh and this:

His immediate, emergency budget plan includes slicing $63 million from state government spending and cutting $128 million from local aid, which will force local officials to close public schools, curtail library hours, and lay off teachers, police, and firefighters.

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