Captain D. Patrick Queeg was startled recently to find that some of his officers on the ship Commonwealth of Titanic had announced an abandon ship drill, but this was not a drill for them. They got in a lifeboat, and were last seen rowing as fast as their arms could take them away from the doomed vessel. Specifically: Lilly Menez-Morgan Appointment Secretary, Mike Festa Elder Affairs, Bernard Cohen Transportaion Secretary, and Dan O’Connell Sec of Housing and Economic Development. Obviously these officers know something that we all are beginning to strongly suspect: We are in serious trouble and they don’t want their names on anything. The icing on the cake is the consequence of the new taxes loopholes allegedly closed and regulations imposed by Capt Queeg/Patrick a few months ago.

The move by the Organization for International Investment, which is upset with the state’s “combined reporting” tax aimed at raising $400 million, is the second time this month in which firms have threatened to cut or suspend activities in Massachusetts due to a new law.

Earlier this month, two life-science groups said they wouldn’t hold future conventions in Boston because of a recently passed bill cracking down on gifts to doctors from pharmaceutical firms.

Jay Fitzgerald  Boston Herald 31 Jan 08


And to show the passengers on the Titanic how concerned he is about keeping Titanic afloat, the captain is taking leave for several days next week to go to the USS California to demand the passengers aboard that sinking vessel to give up their life preservers (businesses) for

the soon to be drowning passengers aboard the Titanic (Massachusetts)

You really have to be amazed at the chutzpah of the progressive liberals of Massachusetts. They are the very definition of insanity. They repeatedly engage in a behavior that history has shown on every occasion to fail: increase taxes when the economy is failing and tax the successful into poverty.  Idiots. So now they want to kill us all—and by the looks of it they are likely to succeed  with Admiral Obama aboard Lusitania as his flagship.  

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