A New Tax Proposal on Cape Cod. It will Cost You Money!!!

This home rule proposal on expanding the motel tax is being pushed on Cape Cod by Dennis  Rep Cleon Turner, DEMOCRAT, and Mr Ed Lewis a Brewester Selectmen with the help of Suzanne McAuliffe, Chairman of the Town of Yarmouth Board of Selectmen, A DEMOCRAT. The new home rule petition that will be filed by Rep Turner reads as follows:

Notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, the town of_—————– may impose a room occupancy tax, in addition to any such occupancy tax currently allowed by law, on any vacation or leisure accommodation,including but not limited to apartments, single or multiple family housing, cottages, condominiums and time share units  or any other such temporary occupancy not currently defined in Massachusetts General Laws, chapter 64G. Vacation or leisure accommodation is defined as occupancy for a price to be paid and intended at the time of contract to be for a      period of ninety consecutive days or less regardless of whether such use and possession is as a lessee, tenant, guest or licensee.”

So, if you vacation on Cape Cod it will cost you more,  First it was raising the Gas Tax, Second, Raising the Meals Tax, and now this. That’s what the Democrats want. If you rent out your second home you will have to charge a TAX and collect it, and report it to the State.

This proposed legislation needs to be put where it belongs, in the Trash Can. Help Defeat this by calling your State Rep and State Senator and tell them you do not support this proposal.

Tax and Spend, Tax and Spend. That’s all the Democrats want to do.

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