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From Rob Willington’s twitter feed…

Packed up my office at MassGOP, 3 quick years there.

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Rob Willington has confirmed, via email to RMG, that he is leaving the Massachusetts Republican Party. In a statement, copied below, Rob reflects on his time with the party and addresses RMG readers directly.  

Hello RMG readers, yes I’ll be moving on, and not a problem for Garrett posting my tweeter feed – isn’t modern communication amazing?

As my @willington account stated on twitter, I just packed up my office at the MassGOP HQ on this cold, snowy, December evening.  

As I packed up my belongings, I couldn’t help but remember what it was like when I first started 3 years ago at the MassGOP.  

It’s a little embarrassing that these were the questions that I had, but it shows how far we have come.  

Who runs our website, how do I update it?  

What is our mass email system, can we start sending out mass emails?

How are we currently collecting email addresses?

How can we collect names and emails of future activists and potential candidates?  

How can we bypass the mainstream media and speak directly to the base and let them know what is going on at the MassGOP and around the state?  

How do we personalize the party and show the faces and voices of those involved including  interns and volunteers?  

How do we flip this thing upside down so that people can not only see, but actively participate in the building and feel welcome to join?  

How do we take all of the election results data (by precinct, and THANK YOU INTERNS) and get it out of the office and into the hands of our activists so they don’t have to compile it themselves?  

How do we stop the phone calls of activists asking “who are the Republicans Town Committee members in my neighboring town, I want to invite them to our GOP BBQ?” and let them have complete access to every Republican GOP committee member in the state?

How do we create incentives for people to join our social networks?’

Voter Vault?  How come I have never heard of that and have been working on campaigns?  How do we take this software which has traditionally been reserved for US Senate and US congressional campaigns and give it state senate, state representative, and more importantly – selectman, school committee members, mayors etc.. ?  

How do we transform Voter Vault from a campaign tool, into a party building tool?

How do we get Republican Town Committees online (thank you interns!!!) ?

Instead of having MassGOP staff/interns working on updating the emails and phone numbers for Republican Town Committee members across the state, how do we create one central database where ALL Republican Town Committee members can access and update the list “many hands make light work.”?

Why do we do 1 training every 2 years, can’t we put a laptop and projector in my trunk and travel around the state conducting trainings for everyone interested (not just candidates)?

Now, the MassGOP has answers for every question.  

We hit 50 videos on YouTube and were very, very quick to respond to certain situations which would cause us to drop what we were doing and focus on the news.  For instance, this video  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v… came out a few hours after the news broke.

In the end, we lost 3 seats.  Not good, not good at all.  One area where I would like to see an improvement is with messaging and issues, and I’m confident that there will be progress on this front.  

Thanks to RMG – this was another great resource coinciding with the growth of MassRootsGOP.com.  

You will here more of me soon RMG, I promise.  

www.BlogsForJoy.com (don’t forget to DO something this holiday season)

www.KeepThatFaith.com (creativity for the American conservative movement)

ps stop calling Republicans “Ron Paul People” ….. Republican will do.  

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  • Laurel

    When someone does reach him for comment, ask whether he’s pursuing a future in direct gay-hating, or does he still pan to operate under the cover of some religious or political organization.  

  • Tactless, Mr. Garrett.

    Your headline assumes something not confirmed by that twitter message. And last time I checked, Rob’s twitter isn’t fed directly into RMG. We all know changes are coming. Let’s have some respect and wait.

  • Rob could do far better salary-wise than MassGOP could offer, and he has a new family to support.  He is the STRONGEST ED I’ve known, and really the best.


  • Out with the old and in with the New.  I like Willington and am sure he has a bright future wherever he decides to go.  I like Torkildsen too on a personal level.

    With that said, I have had the pleasure of Meeting Jenn Nassour and she fills me with optimism about the future of our party.  She is smart, well qualified, and “gets it” in many ways that most candidates and activists don’t.  She is also surprisingly honest and did not use the same stock political phrases to direct questions many of us are used to hearing.  With a new chair, often come new people in other positions as well.

  • I received the same tweet via Twitter (which I learned of thanks to Rob Willington).  I did email Rob about it & expresses my best wishes.  Rob will be greatly missed.

    Here is confirmation from Rob via PolitickerMA.com – http://www.politickerma.com/je

  • Flynn

    Rob did a great job. Very motivated and responsive to the town chair’s needs.Thanks for all your hard work  

  • WhatWouldReaganDo

    I think he’s done a great job where it’s important– growing the grassroots.

    And contrary to comments by haters like Laurel, I HOPE the next exec director is like Willington: qualified, hard-working, and conservative.

    I think Willington brought a lot of credibility on conservative issues people care about, and that helped bring conservative activists into the MassGOP. He also worked well with the more libertarian ones, like the Ron Paul people. That’s important for growing our party.

    I am sure whatever Willington decides to do next he’ll be very successful at it.

    Rob, thank you for all you’ve done. You will be missed!

    Visit http://www.AboveTheHate.com to show your opposition to the tactics of Laurel and her ilk…