What is a non-essential state employee?

At RMG we’re wondering, what exactly is the definition of a non-essential state employee? Mass.gov refers to them as “non-emergency” employees. Whatever that means. If they’re non-essential why are they employed at all? Would you feel slighted if you were labeled “non-essential”? The author, half-jokingly, says anyone without a gun or badge is non-essential.

So, what is a non-essential state employee?  

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  • On a more serious note that covers a lot of employees.

    Everyone in the higher education system as one example.  Everyone from professors to janitors.  Everyone from UMass to Bunker Hill CC.

  • Festus Garvey

    Howie and Michael Graham were having the same fun with this.  Clearly the state needs another label for employees whose work on a given day is not “essential” to keeps the lights on or to protect people and propoerty in times of semi emergencies.  

    But cheap shot artists like Garrett loved to mock people who are just tryuing to do their jobs,  Sure the state, like any large organization, including big companies (I’ve seen that first hand) have some employees that are overpiad and they underperfom (even in bad times, I’ve seen plenty of private businesses employ fools).  But for the most part, they are people doing their jobs so they can raise a family.

    So F*ck you and your snide attack…I’ll tell you who “non-essential” state employees are…

    They are the social workers that can’t visit cliets when it’s snowing.

    They are clerks that pay bills, which can be paid a day or two later becuase of the snow.

    They are the Assistant DAs who’s prep for a case or a court hearing can be delayed for a day or two becasue of the snow.

    They are folks at the RMV who have no one visiting there offices because it is snowing.  

    They are the auditors in the Revenue Department whose can wait another day before writing an audit report.

    And the list goes on.

    You Garrett and many here are RNG ahve “non-essential jobs”.  Whatever tasks you ahve can wait until the storm passes over.  Sure you’ll have to get your work done–as these people do–and that is essential to make your company or governemnt run.  But it doesn’t have to be done toady.

    So stop beating up on folks.  It’s Christmas for godsake, so some humanity to your fellow brethern, and stop being an idiot.

  • I AM a non-essential State employee…..unless our freezers fail.

  • Corie

    You know you have a non-essential state employee when a little automated chip can do the work for them ..

    IE: toll takers, clearly.

    And Festus genuinely gives me a good laugh. No one would come trolling on this site and get so goddamn defensive unless they depended on the state for their quality of life. (Or lack thereof, if Festus spends his time on RMG trying to rile people up) …