The GOP Looking Glass

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Some RMG bloggers want the Republican Party to “move on” after the drubbing it took this past year. Others hint at having learned nothing from the past two election cycles & wish to repeat past mistakes in future election cycles. I think the national & state GOP would be best served if its leaders & key activists (inside & outside the party organization) took a hard look at itself.

When one examines the history of the Republican Party, one comes away impressed with the many times the GOP has morphed to adapt to its times, to its particular circumstances, or under its charismatic leaders. The Wall Street Journal recently had an OP-Ed piece on Theodore Roosevelt which questioned TR’s embrace of progressivism. I’m sure articles of a similar nature could be written about Abraham Lincoln & Ronald Reagan (let alone essays critical about Bush’s “compassionate conservatism”). I think such endeavors should be encouraged in order to help the GOP overcome its current identity crisis & prepare it for yet another upgrade.

A critical self-assessment might produce a consensus on where the party should go given the changes in the country & in the world. The sooner this happens, the faster will it be for the GOP to be competitive again.

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  • Festus Garvey

    Lately all I’ve been seeing is reactionary whining with posts about corrupt Democrats, overspending liberals and mean and lazy public emplyees and their unions.  It is apparent that many here are in denial and will ignore reality and cling to their fantasies of some ill-defined era when conseratives were really conseratives.  

  • The Angelic One

    Check out Max Borders’ thoughts on the subject titled “Reboot. Rebuild. Rebrand.” He does a great job of laying it all out for the GOP. It’s like he’s read my mind!