The case of the vanishing GOP voter

The case of the vanishing GOP voter

By Eric Fehrnstrom

The Boston Globe – December 17, 2008

An organization beset by declining market share is in need of radical restructuring. Meanwhile, it’s desperately looking for someone, anyone, to bail it out of its current predicament.

One of the Detroit automakers? No, the national Republican Party.


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  • I often speak on behalf of the GOP.  I once did a speaking gig at a Boston college with Joan Vennochi about politics.  Over coffee after the seminar was over, at least three participants sidled up to me and whispered, ‘I’m REALLY a Republican…’

    I told them their secret is safe with me.

    State employees, teachers, doctors, business owners – I cannot COUNT how often that has happened.  The toxicity of Bush Derangement Syndrome has made it genuinely dangerous for some to self-identify as GOP.

    Years ago, I wrote, “George Bush took over thirty percent of the vote in Mass.  That means that of every ten people you see, three of four of them voted for Bush.”  McCain had similar percentages.

    The voters aren’t gone, they’re just intimidated.

  • And remember, I am saying with all due respect,

    Karl Rove said all of this on FoxNews the night of the election, around 11PM.

    This isnt news, it is just repeating what we already know.