That OTHER US Senate Raffle ..

Is it just me or is anyone else starting to get just a tad ticked off as yet another Kennedy spawn is being set up for a life of entirely unearned and unentitled influence on the national policy stage?

Once again this morning I got to watch as the national media ooohed and awwwwwed at the prospect of a Senator Caroline Kennedy, who just might be chosen to replace Clinton, the NY senator and soon to be SOS, who herself became senator based entirely on her connections and name recognition.

Who can stand by and watch yet another touchy feely video of JFK blabbing about his kids as some form of justification for this soon to be coronation of the entirely unqualified?

Hows that sort of thing working out in Rhode Island?

I shall close this post with curses and explatives which I feel is the appropriate response to such media driven ideocracy.

;;;;curses and explatives ;;;;  🙂

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  • geo999

    And it’s not as if she’s completely disregarded her noblesse oblige. Though, let’s face it, most of her achievements have required far less heavy lifting on her part than if they had been attempted and accomplished by a plebian of equal ability.

    It would be a disappointing message to send to the youth of this country, who have just seen a black man elected to the Presidency on a promise of change, that some things never do change. And that, for all the hard work one may do to further ones self, being to the manor born still trumps all else.

  • I was born and raised in Dutchess County NY, and over the years I have seen the state I grow up in fall apart. I blames both sides, Dem and Republican. I think it stems back to the Cuomo administration who more or less increased the state payroll at the expense of upstate companies and the Republicans more or less doing the same thing coupled with the failed Empire Zones. Anyways, not to get off topic.

    I want to chime in on one candidate who would be a great choice for the Senate seat. I am not a Democrat, but I really like Kristen Gillibrand who is the current Congresswoman for Saratoga,Rennselear,Columbia,Green and Dutchess Counties. She is smart, a native of Albany and understands politics having grown up in the Albany Machine. Despite this, she seems to realize the problems with NY and DC politics and has done amazing things to reach out to here constituents. Some say she couldn’t win a statewide race which is pure BS. Unlike most NY Dems, she is a moderate and appeals to a number of people from upstate farmers, to people in Troy who saw their cities fall from grace.

    She also appeals to Manhattanites having lived in the city and practiced law for a number of years. NY doesn’t need another oligarch who pushes a blind agenda. I forsee Caroline Kennedy caring only about NYC issues and leaving the rest of the state (LI, Westchester, HV, Upstate) out to dry. Governor Patterson should take into account all sides be it Republicans, Rural, City, Upstate and Downstaters. Sending a Kennedy to DC shows that our representative Democracy is dead in favor of an Oligarchy of wealthy, Harvard elites who know nothing about the needs of the people. I also urge people to go to Roger Stone’s “Stone Zone”, he has a good article regarding this.