That OTHER US Senate Raffle ..

Is it just me or is anyone else starting to get just a tad ticked off as yet another Kennedy spawn is being set up for a life of entirely unearned and unentitled influence on the national policy stage?

Once again this morning I got to watch as the national media ooohed and awwwwwed at the prospect of a Senator Caroline Kennedy, who just might be chosen to replace Clinton, the NY senator and soon to be SOS, who herself became senator based entirely on her connections and name recognition.

Who can stand by and watch yet another touchy feely video of JFK blabbing about his kids as some form of justification for this soon to be coronation of the entirely unqualified?

Hows that sort of thing working out in Rhode Island?

I shall close this post with curses and explatives which I feel is the appropriate response to such media driven ideocracy.

;;;;curses and explatives ;;;;  🙂

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