SouthCoastGOP Candidates Forum – Thank You to Everyone!

     I would like to thank Jennifer Nassour & Mike Franco for attending last night’s SouthCoastGOP Forum for MassGOP Chairman Candidates Forum down here in Dartmouth!  Both gave good, informative presentations and fielded many tough questions from the audience.  Both candidates braved some hellacious from their respective hometowns to trek on down to the SouthCoast but they were greeted by a packed house of activists who greatly appreciated their participation.  

    We not only had the Second Bristol & Plymouth district very well represented – most of the chairmen, many of the other officers, and a great deal of activists were in the auditorium – but GOP activists from throughout the SouthCoast and indeed the larger Southeastern Mass region were there to observe, listen, and then question Mr. Franco & Ms. Nassour.

    Actually, not including Jennifer Nassour, I believe that we had 6 State Committee members in attendance.  In addition to myself & my counterpart, Jill Ussach, we also had David Rose of Fall River, Bill Nickerson of Raynham, Joseph Ureneck of Boston, and Mike Potaski of Uxbridge in attendance.

    Also, a local reporter sat in – and initially gave us rather positive anecdotal comments – and State Committeeman Ureneck attempted to digitally record the meeting so perhaps it will be available online sometime soon.

    I also would like to acknowledge Joe Manzoli who hiked on down to thank the SouthCoast GOP activists on behalf of Jeff Beatty & his campaign for US Senate.

    Last, but by no means least, I want to thank the indulgence of the Dartmouth Public Libraries as our activists were so excited to converse with our candidates after the formal event that we were permitted to hang around for a good 45 minutes past our end time, and without the slightest complaint of the powers that be.  I finally had to usher everyone out so as not take too great advantage of their kindness and generosity!

    Finally, I would like to think that last night’s SouthCoastGOP Forum was a resounding success.  Our activists got to meet and interact with two of the individuals who may become our next chairman of the Massachusetts Republican Party and those candidates got to present their case to some of the State Committee members who will be voting to elect the next chairman on January 27!

    Please remember, you can always follow the activities of the Massachusetts Republican Party here in the SouthCoast, and especially my district of the Second Bristol & Plymouth over at

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