SouthCoastGOP Candidates Forum – Jenn Nassour Attending, Joe Manzoli Considering, Others Welcome!

     I was very pleasantly surprised to wake up a little while ago & read this over at  Jenn has indeed confirmed her participation and I enthusiastically welcome Joe Manzoli (and Barry Greenspan, Bob Parks) and any other declared candidates to come down to Dartmouth on Thursday, December 18 to address the assembled activists!

    The SouthCoastGOP Candidates Forum will begin at 6:30 pm at the Southworth Library (732 Dartmouth Street in the Elsie Haskell Auditorium, ground floor) in Dartmouth on Thursday, December 18.…

Jennifer Nassour said Monday that she is committed to attending a forum for declared candidates for Massachusetts GOP chairman.

And, despite being the only declared candidate, she may have company.

Joe Manzoli told that he is also considering attending the forum, which will be held on Dec. 18 at the public library in Dartmouth.…

    While the MassGOP State Committee will vote in late January in order to elect our next chairman, I wanted to try to provide the average Republican and the diehard activist an opportunity to meet, greet, and discuss with our candidates beforehand.  If Joe Manzoli really does want to run, I hope that he will officially declare himself and come on down to Dartmouth on 12/18.  I welcome and encourage other rumored candidates, and perhaps those keeping their cards close to the vest, to meet with our Republican activists from the SouthCoast and beyond.

     You may follow the activity of the SouthCoastGOP, especially the committees of the Second Bristol & Plymouth State Senate District (New Bedford, Dartmouth, Fairhaven, & Mattapoisett) over at our official website:  

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