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  • gary

    This pension is a rat’s nest.  i.e. it may be corrupt but at least it’s underfunded:

    -lose an election, double your pension

    -work as town moderator, or some minor and part time and low paid position, then as retirement nears seeks a full time job for a few years and retire on full pension based on the final few years in that higher paying job.

    -no minimum funding such that it was underfunded going into 2008, made worse by the market downturn, and further made worse as Patrick “cut” the budget by simply foregoing the current year contribution.  In effect borrowing from the pension plan for current costs.

    -no cut to benefits as a result of the market downturn even though taxpayers’ 401K turn a hit.  Don’t worry public employees, we got your back, while losing the shirt off ours.

    dozens of dinky selfadministered town run plans littered across the state,

    Forget ethics reform.  Can’t we actually follow the money to pension reform.