This Poll and Open thread is for the “Most Corrupt in Massachusetts” award for 2008.  It will be the first of several threads.  We will have separate categories for National and local.

There is a lot of corruption here and my original list was over a dozen people long.  I tried to slice it down to some of the worst offenders.  They are listed in no particular order.

There were also corruption stories with “unknown” villains not listed here.  Remember when Rep. Charles Murphy (D-Burlington) was casting roll call votes while he was on vacation in the Virgin Islands?  I’m not sure who was casting those illegal votes, or how many other illegal votes are being cast.

Wilkerson? Marzill? Dimassi? – You decide!

1) Diane Wilkerson:  Our “front runner.” Federal tax evasion, Ethics fines, perjury, public corruption…. and that was BEFORE she was caught on video stuffing a bribe into her bra.  At least she still has Deval’s full endorsement.

2) James Marzilli: Or was it Martin Walsh? Lewd and lascivious behavior, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, attempt to commit a crime, and obstruction of justice.  That a lot for just one of the several women he assaulted.

3) Paul Kujawski: Kujo has been on Santa’s naughty list for a while, and for many reasons.  For the second time in 6 years he has admitted to violating campaign finance laws and paid $16,782.  He has been under investigation for extorting local businesses for money.  Central Mass is proud.  He has also been arrested on a DUI and exposed himself to a uniformed police officer.  Classy.

4) Chuck Turner: Sure, he’s on camera taking bribes like Wilkerson, but the level of denial is the impressive part.  I think our “friends over at socialistworker.org put it best “BOSTON’S RACIST politics-as-usual is in the limelight with the recent arrest of local left-wing Black politician Chuck Turner, stirring anger among Black and Latino community members and activists.”  Bravo.

5) Sal DiMasi: This corrupt leader is the straw that stirs the drink.  Jim Braude once predicted he would be forced to resign before Hillary dropped out of the primary after his accountant (Vitale) was indicted on lobbying and campaign finance violations.  I guess he needed a wartime Consigliere.

6) Lorraine Henderson: The Boston port director was recently charged in federal court of harboring an illegal.  Just not the smartest thing to do with that particular job.  It’s like the head of the DEA smoking crack.  Just dumb.

7) John Buonomo:  The Middlesex County Registrar of Probate thought it would be a good idea to throw his life away by stealing thousands of dollars from the cash and copy machines over at the Registry of Deeds.  Yet another chap caught on camera.  We can look forward to paying his bloated pension for many years to come.

8) Carl Stanley McGee: Deval’s Assistant Secretary for Policy and Planning was arrested for sexually assaulting a boy of age 12-16.  Together we can!

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