Poll & Open Threads

Who else is sick of Polls and Open Threads?

Please stop – it is making this site seem devoid of any real content.  I know it’s the end of the year, but do we really care what the collective body of RMG group thinks about so many of these topics?  

Unless it’s a poll regarding a Republican Primary or Chairman matters, who cares?  

It distracts from talking about the real issues, like spending on Beacon Hill, pols getting in trouble, Blago, you know all the fun stuff.  

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  •     I think you’re worried a bit too much here.  Sure, I do prefer solid, red meat “real” content as you put it but everyone needs a little frivolity now and then.  After all, “a little nonsense now and then is cherished by the wisest men.”

       As the Dr. Sidney Friedman said a couple times in the old M*A*S*H TV show when they were dealing with tremendous stress, “Ladies & gentlemen, take my advice.  Pull down your pants & slide on the ice.”

       In a day or two everyone will return to the uber-serious politics and all will be right in the world of RMG.

  • Is that today it was announced that Deval will be CUTTING local aid… he promised to increase local aid, and now we are looking at a billion dollar cut in services.  

    Deval said that Mitt couldn’t blame 9/11 and a bad economy and that leadership stops at the corner office, so we should spend time reminding him that he can’t blame the downturn in the economy for his mistakes.  


    Cuts to local aid – coming in the middle of the fiscal year, when municipal budgets have already been set – would probably force some municipal officials to immediately begin slashing services and laying off teachers and police officers.

    I think we should spend more time on that then on the Person of the year.  

    I mean come on.. remember this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v

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  • I was just trying to do some end of the year fill-in content during a normally down time political news.  I don’t have any immediate plans for more in 2009 unless something specific and topical comes up to justify it.

  • It wasn’t a hit on you, it was just – it was just that I thought Pols always try to hide really really bad stories about themselvs and their actions to when people don’t pay attention like during a holiday week.  

    For example Deval did appoint that Big-Dig guy on a Friday at like 4:30pm when no one would notice.  I just think that it should be the job of RMG to make sure people do notice.. that’s all.