Poll & Open Thread: WORST REPUBLICAN 2008!

I decided to combine the local and national for this one.  I included some names not because I think they are the worst, but because others might. I'm already preparing for “You forgot…!” 

Who get's under your skin?  Have fun with it.

1) George W. Bush: This President has brought us massive spending increases, rising debt, a new prescription drug entitlement program and billion dollar corporate bailouts. He has left us with large Dem majorities in congress, a Republican party with a tarnished image, and a lack of Conservative principles.

2) Richard Tisei: The MA Republican minority leader may fit the “worst” but doesn't really fit the Republican.” He support higher taxes, more spending and every left wing social item on the list.

3) Ted Stevens: The King of earmarks and special interests is finally off to prison. He has been an embarrassment to the party and the nation.

4) Larry Craig: I'm glad he had a toe tapping good time because it wasn't any fun for the rest of us. While he plead guilty in 2007, he has refused to step down. He has remained an embarrassment in 2008.

5) Ron Paul: Congressman Paul has supported limited Constitutional government, low taxes, low spending, and Conservative principles. Some Republicans hate him for it.  How dare he!

6) Brad Jones: His lack of leadership on Beacon Hill has been a “cause for concern.”

7)  Bill Weld: Thanks for endorsing Obama.  So, McCain didn't protect you from Jesse Helms.  Sober up and cry me a river.  You can go to Mexico on your own time.  This was business, it wasn't personal.

8) Colin Powell: The Conservatives were the guardians of the Constitution in the Old Republic. Before the dark times – before Obama…an old Republican named Darth Powell, who was a pupil of mine before he turned to evil, helped Obama hunt down and destroy the Conservatives. He betrayed and murdered McCain. Powell was seduced by the Dark Side of the Force.

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