Poll & Open Thread: TOUGHEST LOSS 2008!


As painful as it is to relieve bad memories of, I've put together a list.  These are all from the November election.

1) McCain/Palin: Now with Obama can the “Fairness Doctrine” and “Freedom of Choice Act” be far behind?

2) Arthur Vigeant: The President of the Marlborough City Council lost to a Beacon Hill hack who can't get a real job and lived at home with her parents.

3) John Sununu: NH used to be such a lovely place.

4) Paul Avella: The retired Air Force Colonel and Chairman of the Littleton School COmmittee lost to a Beacon Hill hack who can't get a real job and lived at home with his parents.

5) Chris Shays: With his defeat, all of New England is without a Republican Congressman.

6) Kevin Kuros: If only he had whipped it out to urinated on a uniformed cop he would of won. If only he was a drunk driver he would have won. If only he was forced to pay multiple fines for campaign violations he would have won. If only he was under investigation for extorting local businesses he would have won. Anyway, that was Paul Kujawshi'd platform and he won instead.

7) Romney/Huck/Paul: Not everyone backed big Mac in the primary and some Conservatives were to put it mildly, less than pleased.

8) Sonny Patente: Even Gov. Cellucci guaranteed vicoty for the Hudson Selectman.  This one was tough for a lot of people to take.

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  • geo999

    Seeing the infection spread to New Hampshire was especially disheartening.

  • Republicans problems were self inflicted. Democrats are way too corrupt & incompetant to maintain power natianwide. Efforts should be made to make sure the Republicans do not repeat the same mistakes when the pendulum swings back that brought us to where we are.  

  • republicanvoices