Poll & Open Thread: SILVER LINING 2008!


2008 was not the best year for Republicans and Conservatives. With that said, there were a few good things (some non-political) and some things to look forward to in 2009.

Don't like my list? Tell me yours!

1) Joseph Cao: LA-9 finally said goodbye to corruption and booted William Jefferson. This heavily Democratic (D+28) and “Majority-Minority” district has been controlled by the Dems since 1891. At age 8, Joseph Cao's fled Vietnam with his mother during the fall of Saigon and came to America as refugees. His father was imprisoned in a Communist reeducation camp for 7 years before being reunited with his family. Cao originally studied to be a Roman Catholic Priest before earning his degree in Physics and Masters in Philosophy and Juris Doctor.

2) Traditional Marriage: Arizona, Florida and most importantly California all passed Constitutional Amendments preserving marriage as a union between one man and one woman. This brings the total number of states who have passed referenda to 30. The big reason why it passed in California? All the Black people who showed up to vote for Obama voted for it.

3) Jennifer Nassour: Locally the MassGOP needs a lot of help. While the election has not yet occurred, Jennifer Nassour fills me with optimism concerning our future. She is an impressive woman who will bring much needed professionalism and expertise to our struggling organization.

4) The Boston Celtics: After 22 years of darkness Danny Ainge acquired Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett. The new “Big 3” finally brought home banner #17 and are currently 27-4. Not a political story, I know… but it was my silver lining. Kevin Garnett also had a nice slogan for the MassGOP: “Anything is possible!”

5) Campaign for Liberty: Few Republicans were motivated this election cycle and fewer new voters were brought into the party. The silver lining on both fronts was the candidacy of Ron Paul. His message continues at www.campaignforliberty.com

6) Falling Gas Prices: as of 12/26 the national average was $1.64/gallon marking a 58 month low. Since “Evil Corporate Greed” was the reason for high prices, I guess those evil corporations just decided to stop being greedy.High transportation costs are like taxes, they are a drain on the economy at every stage.

7) The Dark Knight: That was a really good movie. I mean.. like… really… really… good.

8)Barak Obama Abandons The Left: He hasn't even been sworn in yet and he's already breaking promises to them and leaving his change at the door.  He's not ending the Bush tax cuts.  He's not immediately withdrawing from Iraq.  He's keeping Bush's Secretary of Defense. He helped Lieberman to keep his chairmanship.  His new best friend is Rick Warren and so on.

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