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I was going to do Republican of the year, but not everyone on this list is a Republican. THen I though Conservative of the year, but not everyone here is really Conservative. I'll do the National one a bit later.

1) Paul Cellucci: Gov. Cellucci should be thanked for all the work he put in this year helping candidates. He's donated his time, lists, books and so on and asked for nothing in return.

2) Howard Lawrence Carr: When it comes to keeping an eye on Beacon Hill corruption nobody does it better

3) Scott Brown: He's had our backs in the Senate and takes the flack for it from the left. The last real success story we have here in MA.

4) Chanel Prunier: Under her leadership, the Coalition for Marriage and Family has brought more Conservative activism to candidates than anyone else.

5) Kerry Healey: She, much like Cellucci, has done a great job helping candidates. As Massachusetts government keeps going down the tubes, don't blame me: I voted for Muffy!

6) Jay Severin: Realistic political analysis and extreme ideology never came together so well.

7) Jeremy Jacobs: He and PolitikerMA.com have done a better job at local coverage than the Boston Globe.

8) “Patrick”: Without him, RMG wouldn't even exist… Neither would this “award.”

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