Poll & Open Thread: Best Picture 2008

And the nominees are…

WALL-E The most adorable robot love story ever. Liberals and conservatives harped on this movie as having a “hidden message” about the future of the planet and capitalism.(I think it has a strong libertarian message as opposed to a liberal or conservative message. ) In the end it’s just about a cute trash compactor.

Dark Knight Epic comic book story. Heath Ledger, etc.

Milk A moving and well directed true story about San Francisco politics.

Slumdog Millionaire Awesome story. Awesome characters. Makes you care about them.

Curious Case of Benjamin Button Epic film in the mold of Big Fish.


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  • It won’t win, but it should.

    Considering who votes, it’ll probably be “Milk.”  

  • For so many reasons.

    The story, the debth, the lesson.

    Sometimes, being the good guy means having everyone think you are the bad guy.


  • Vote3rdpartynow

    High School Musical III – Senior Year“.

    OMG – Zac Efron and Venessa Hudgeons are so hot together.  It was totally awesome…..