Poll & Open Thread: BEST DEMOCRAT 2008!

After “WORST REPUBLICAN” the next catagory is obvious.  Unfortunately for me it was difficult to find 8 Democrats, but I did it!  Enjoy.

1) Joe Lieberman:  Gave McCain that excitement and Joe-mentum that carried him over the top!  Well, maybe not.  He does piss off liberals over the country and at least kept Ned Lamont out of the senate.

2) Zell Miller:  When he's not busy dueling Chris Matthews he's campaigning for Saxby Chambliss and serving on the board of directors for the NRA.

3) Nancy Stevens: Nancy was first elected Mayor of Marlborough by challenging her own party and incumbent Democrat Dennis Hunt.  While she is not a Conservative, she has ordered a spending freeze on all non-contractual items in the city during the current recession.  A rare move of financial sanity for her party.  She again put her city before her party when endorsing Arthur Vigeant (R) for State Representative.  For this, she was booted off the Marborough Democratic City Committee.

4) Ed O'Reilly: Just because he ran against Kerry.  That's all.

5) Guy Glodis: GOP had 7 members in the Massachusetts State Senate votes frequently when 32-8.  Now you know why.  After defeating incumbent Democrat “Mike” Flynn for sherriff, Glodis has reduced patronage and brought some sticks to match the carrots in the prison system. 

6) Ben Nelson: This Senator from Nebraska has a 51.73 lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union.  While 2008 ratings are not yet available, this put him ahead of some Republicans.  He's Pro-life, pro 2nd ammendment and played a central role in passing hte 2001 tax-cut.  With judges, he was the first Democrat to support Sam Alito, and the only to vote for Janice Rogers Brown.

7) Charlie Melancon: This Conservative Democrat from Louisiana serves as Co-Chairman of the 47 member “Blue Dog Coalition.”  This coalition of Democrat Congressmen are known for supporting national security, fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets.  He has detailed opposition to abortion, sam-sex marriage, and gun control.  In his private life he has owned and operated several small businesses and is a devout Roman Catholic.

8) Harold Ford Jr.: He actually had a pretty conservative voting record for a Dem and did so while being in a district unwinable for any Republican.  He was willing to work across party lines on legislation supporting the GOP bankruptcy bill, intervention to save the life of Terry Shiaco, and the ban on partial birth abortion.  In 2002, he ran against Nancy Pelosi for Minority Leader.  After losing his senate race in 2006, he became a FoxNews contributor and chairman of the moderate Democratic Leadership Council.

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