Poll & Open Thread: AMERICAS MOST CORRUPT 2008!

This Poll and Open thread is for the “Most Corrupt in America” award for 2008.  There are more categories to come.

Blago? Spitzer? Rangel? – You decide!

1) Rod Blagojevich:  I've got this Governor and he's gold, but I'm not going to just give this award away!

2) William Jefferson: 
“Cold Hard Cash” has new meaning when it's found in your freezer.

3) John Edwards: 
Sure, his action were perhaps more “slimy” than corrupt.  I still think he deserves a mention here.  He did pay his mistress with campaign funds.  Being 99% sure he won't win this category is not longer good enough.

4) Kwame Kilpatrick:  The mayor of Detroit somehow found a way to make his city look even worse.  He eventually resigned and spent 4 months in prison.

5) Elliot Spitzer: 
He was just cleaning up New York one hooker at a time.

6) Bill Clinton:  He could be nominated any year.  The 2008 version of Clinton scandal are his library donors.  Arab Governments.  Cash for Pardons.  Humanitarian Scams.  Bailout Wannabes.  Too bad this isn't a “Lifetime Achievement” award.

7) Charlie Rangel: 
The powerful Ways and Means chair helps the poor by personally having 4 rent controlled apartments.  He fights against “the system” by refusing to report his rental income or pay his taxes.  He represents his constituents by using government resources to solicit donors for a public policy institute in his name at City College that bears his name.  My hero.

8) Chris Dodd:  The chairman of the Senate Banking Committee proposed the corporate bailout of Countrywide Financial.  Countrywide gave him a sweet “Friends of Angelo” low mortgages that he failed to report.  Countrywide has given more money to Dodd than anyone else. 

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  • Yellow Cake?

    9.) George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Gonszo and the entire Bush administration. Perhaps they are in their own “Hall of Fame”/”Lifetime corruption achievement award” category and don’t belong in the same category as the comparatively pedestrian crimes of Blago.

    Blago would be #2, though. Hands down. Interesting you left off convicted felon Ted Stevens, though. He was actually convicted and doesn’t even make your list? I’d say that this list is corrupt, lol. At least change the title to “most corrupt Dems” or something.

  • Tim Mahoney: Mark Foley’s replacement continued the tradition in FL-16.  Mahoney had agreed to a $121,000 payment to a former mistress (one of many).  The FBI is looking into whether Mahoney hired the first mistress – and put her on the federal payroll – so she would not reveal their affair. (Wikipedia)

    I can’t believe I forgot about this guy.  It took a lot of corruption for an incumbent Democrat to lose in 2008.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    I just think that anyone who prosecuted criminals with the right hand while buying hookers with the left hand is the worst.  I am not a big fan of hypocrisy.

  • WhatWouldReaganDo

    He not only betrayed his office and the taxpayers, but his family as well. His poor wife! Can you imagine how she must feel? It’s humiliating enough to have something like this happen to you, but then it’s NATIONAL news. To cap it off, the whore becomes a mini-celebrity. Ugh.