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This is the big one.  Sorry Chanel fans, she's not in this poll.

1) John McCain: He will always put his “Country First.”  It's too bad his country put “McCain Second.”

2) Sarah Palin: I'm one of a few people who was familiar with her back in 200.

3) Ron Paul: He continues to defend the American Republic.

4) David Petraeus: The greatest military mind of our day.  An American patriot and hero.

5) Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher: Better known as “Joe the Plumber,” we now know what the left will do to you if you ask a question to Saint Obama.

6) Tom Coburn: Watching our tax dollars in the Senate, he makes sure bridges go somewhere.

7) T. Boone Pickens: Over $700 billion are leaving this country to foreign nations every year. That's four times the cost of the Iraqi War and it's killing our economy.

8) Lila Rose: The Live Action President has successfully used undercover journalism to explose Planned Parenthood true agenda without any help from the liberal media establishment.

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  • Yellow Cake?

    John McCain did not put country first during his campaign; this is obvious. He deserves to be on the list, but the note on him mischaracterizes his position.

    Palin is an idiot. She is also an example of McCain not putting country first.

    Joe the Plumber was pathetic (see Shepard Smith and Glenn Beck interviews). He also sold out John McCain, saying that McCain “appalled him”.

    Palin and JTP could qualify as American Joke of the year at best; either slot would have been better served by Robert Gates. Or even Twilight author Stephanie Meyers.

    Where the hell is Michael Phelps?

    Rick Warren made a bigger impact that Lila Rose.

    And you couldn’t throw one token lefty/liberal type on this poll? Black man getting elected President of the United States (regardless of his policies) rates lower than Joe the Plumber and T. Boone Pickens? Really? I’m not saying any RMG person would vote for him or whatever token liberal you threw up there, but let’s be real.

    This poll uses a very narrow definition of “American”.  

  • one on that list worthy of anything is Petraeus.

    ….and upon looking at his uniform, I noticed something seemingly awry…..WTF is this “combat action badge”…..looked it up and it’s a new badge (2005) to give props to “other than combat units” that are now seeing “combat” unlike ever before.  

    Things change….

  • benwetmore

    considering that said Judas voted for the bailout even when they didn’t need his vote, when it was 75-25.

    And he’s supposed to be our standard-bearer for economic conservatism?