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This is the big one.  Sorry Chanel fans, she's not in this poll.

1) John McCain: He will always put his “Country First.”  It's too bad his country put “McCain Second.”

2) Sarah Palin: I'm one of a few people who was familiar with her back in 200.

3) Ron Paul: He continues to defend the American Republic.

4) David Petraeus: The greatest military mind of our day.  An American patriot and hero.

5) Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher: Better known as “Joe the Plumber,” we now know what the left will do to you if you ask a question to Saint Obama.

6) Tom Coburn: Watching our tax dollars in the Senate, he makes sure bridges go somewhere.

7) T. Boone Pickens: Over $700 billion are leaving this country to foreign nations every year. That's four times the cost of the Iraqi War and it's killing our economy.

8) Lila Rose: The Live Action President has successfully used undercover journalism to explose Planned Parenthood true agenda without any help from the liberal media establishment.

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