Open Thread: Creating the first Anti-Deval Campaign Ad for the Great Un-Deval Candidate

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OK folks the time to get to work is now. We need to start visualizing the first anti-Deval political ad. At this point I don’t care if the candidate is Republican, Democrat or Independent. The recent appointment of former legal advisor from the bad old days of the Big Dig has to be the impetus for all of us. So I’m going to start sketching out an ad with the hope that some young Web 2.0 savvy kid can piece together a viral video.

Let us begin.

Video of Patrick on the Campaign Trail 2006 cut

“Let them hear that on Beacon Hill”

B-Roll Patrick Robo Calls for Diane Wilkerson

Video of Patrick speaking. Video quoting Deval’s “famous” Globe op-ed on the tunnel collapse. “The failure of the Big Dig, in other words is a failure of politics-as-usual…The Big Dig culture of Beacon Hill allowed corners to be cut and oversight to be lax.”

Cut to Globe headline “Possible transport pick stirs questions.” Cut video of Matt Amorello and his attorney James Aloisi.

Video of Patrick from 2006 criticing Romney and Healey for doing nothing about property taxes.

Clip of news story about how Deval has added state jobs and personal secretaries.

Final punch line, something like this:

Deval Patrick isn’t the change we were looking for.

I await a group effort on this. Let’s put on a show folks.  

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