Obama’s Sec. of Education Fails Basic Grammar

It's hard to believe he was reading this from a prepared text.  Our education system in this country has been in a downward spiral since the inception of the Dept. of Education.    

What are Duncan's big achievements?  He went to Harvard, plays basketball, and has a "reputation" as a reformer.

Obviously another gold plated resume with no discernible results.

"Chicago High School Test Scores Decline Again" October 5, 2008 – Chicago Tribune

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  • Laurel

    geo. w. bush elementary school.

  • Festus Garvey

    So the guy’s tongue got tied and you use it to attack his reputation.  Because your attacks are so over the top you ahve no crediblity.  Your just a “hater” like all those “Bush haters” you like to be condem.

    Lastly, for a guy who suggled his nose nose up to George Bush for at least 6 years (before even the likes of you had had enough of him), you really want to make fun of misspeaking?