MassGOP House Caucus to Strengthen Lines of Communication

I received this letter from House Minority Leader Brad Jones as a hard copy this afternoon courtesy of my friendly postal worker.  

As I mentioned in my last letter one important component of rebuilding our party is working together more closely than ever and communicating on a routine basis.

Enhanced communication between the Republican Caucus and the State Party is an important ingredient for future success.  Likewise, communicating the Republican message to activists and the public at large is more important than ever.  We know too well we cannot rely on the traditional media to relay our message to the outside world.

In order to facilitate enhanced communication I want to share three initiatives.  First and most exciting is the creation of a blog for the House Republican Caucus.  The Capitol View – Observations from Across the Isle will launch on January 7th, the first day of the new legislative session, and will be accessible at  the blog will allow for our message to be sent out, unfiltered, and will encourage the participation of all members of the caucus that wish to and will serve as a valuable communication tool moving forward.  

Secondly, starting this month, I will be adding all State Committee members to my monthly email update.  This is a monthly update which blends a mix of state and local issues.  It will help serve as a model for what successful incumbents can do to be well positioned to run for reelection.

Finally, in addition to continuing as a member of the Republican State Committee’s Executive Committee, I will be launching a quarterly update to State Committee members to create a more routine dialog between House Republican leadership and State Committee members.  It will allow for a discussion of both issues of the day and important political topics such as candidate recruitment, political events occurring across the state and fundraising ideas and opportunities, just to name a few.

I will be following up shortly to share a variety of other plans on a broad spectrum all designed to help us move forward together and allow us to turn our party around in Massachusetts.  As always I welcome your feedback and encourage your comments.


Brad Jones

House Minority Leader

The new blog, to match of the House Senate Caucus is a good development to reach right down to the grassroots.  Furthermore, I must say that I greatly welcome and eagerly look forward to the increasing communication between our Republican legislators and the State Committee and therefore by extension to our activists!

Please note that you can blame me for any typos or formatting mistakes!  🙂  

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