MassGOP House Caucus to Launch Blog

I had the opportunity to speak with Rep. Jones about this briefly at last week’s MassGOP Christmas Party.…

House Minority Leader Brad Jones announced Monday that his caucus will launch a blog in January that will allow House Republicans to “skip the middle man” of the media and communicate their message directly to the public.

The blog, entitled “The Capitol View” will be located at and will launch on Jan. 7.…

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  • eury13

    Seems weird to announce a web site before people can actually visit it.

  • It’s not weird at all to announce before people can visit – because it shows you how much new media experience they have – I mean why would you want to have as many visitors as possible visiting your site when you get the most interest at the start.  

    Why wouldn’t you want create a new political site under two weeks before Christmas, and not two weeks before the election?  

    It’s not weird because it illustrates what we should expect….