MassGOP Bashes Gov. Patrick’s Giving Job to Pal

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The state Republican Party yesterday blasted Gov. Deval Patrick for creating a $120,000 job for a neighbor and Democratic donor at the same time he was announcing 1,000 other state workers were headed for the unemployment line.

“At a time when Massachusetts workers are receiving lumps of coal, it seems like the only people receiving holiday cheer are the governor’s friends,” Mass. GOP spokesman Barney Keller said yesterday.

“Is this a new position created for a friend of Deval Patrick’s just like the campaign contributor who he wanted to make chief of staff for his wife?” asked Keller, referring to Amy Gorin.

Gorin, who co-chaired the governor’s fund-raising committee with her husband, was hired in 2007 for $72,000 to be attorney Diane Patrick’s right-hand gal, but resigned a month later after the first couple was heavily criticized for creating the post after just taking office.…

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  • Vote3rdpartynow

    “After an exhaustive nationwide search, the Governor chose a long time pal that lives a hundred yards away for the $120,000 per year position”.

    There is always room at the public feeding trough for the politically well connected.  The rest of us are out of luck.

  • While Governor Patrick is cutting your city and town’s local aid for schools, police and fire, he hired 200 of his most loyal campaigners to work directly for his office.

    At the same time he is creating a new $120,000 a year state position for his neighbor, he is raising taxes on the tolls.

    And as for his campaign promise of property tax releif…. he has done nothing.

    Deval Patrick. Politics as Usual.