MASSACHUSETTS FRAUDS: Coalition of Concerned Taxpayers


Democrats who want to get elected lie about taxes.  Bill Clinton promised a middle class tax cut.  He lied and actually raised income taxes on the middle class.  Deval Patrick promised property tax relief.  He lied and actually gave us massive cuts in local aid.  Barack Obama promised us a middle class tax cut as well.  I won’t hold my breath.

To provide cover for big government tax and spend liberals they also create fraud organizations.  That way when they promise every special interest group more of our money they can put bullets on their literature to pretend they are actually against higher taxes and support government restraint on spending.

These fraud organizations also give them cover in the media by having names that are the exact opposit of their actual purpose.  One such organization I recently stumbled up are the so-called “Coalition of Concerned Taxpayers.”

This “Coalition” has a name that sounds like they support government efficiency, spending restraint and low taxes.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Let’s look at the member organizations in this “Coalition.”

Greater Boston Central Labor Council

The Massachusetts AFL-CIO

Teamsters Local 127

IBEW Local 103

The United Steel Workers Local 5696

Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainman


Don’t be fooled by this Coaltion of Special Interest Tax-Takers!

The bloated MTA is a mountain of government inefficiency.  They are currently working against a public-private partnership that could eliminate $2,000,000,000 of bad Big Dig debt.

Lawmakers consider privatizing Turnpike

Saddled with Big Dig debt, pols look at leasing options for revenue

BOSTON. Urged Wednesday to take advantage of the equity held in public infrastructure, including the Massachusetts Turnpike, and to reach for more efficient management and upfront revenue that can come from privatization deals, lawmakers expressed interested in the concept but caution about locking into long-term toll hikes and turning over management of large public assets to private companies.

The Mass. Turnpike Authority’s annual ratio of operating and maintenance costs to revenues run more than double the average public toll road owner’s, and triple those of private-sector vendors……

Organizations like this make me want to start an organization called “Women for Reproductive Rights” and use it only to fight against abortion.  Of course, I won’t do that because I’m not a lying fraud.

BTW:  If you visit their site, please check out their FAQ’s section.  They obviously don’t know FAQ’s are “Frequently Asked Questions.”  There are no questions listed, only so-called “Facts.”

The first so-called “Fact:”

The Turnpike Is Well Run, Well Maintained


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