Iraqi journalist throws BOTH shoes at President Bush

Over the weekend President Bush has a close encounter with a size 10 flying object.

The commentary on youtube ranges from praising the journalist to praising Bush for his agility. In my humble opinion…if you think the journalist’s behavior – regardless of your thoughts on Bush – is acceptable, then you need to get your head checked.

A thought crossed my mind though. Imagine if that same journalist pulled the same stunt during a Saddam Hussein press conference?


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  • geo999

    Imagine if that same journalist pulled the same stunt during a Saddam Hussein press conference?

    Today, he would be known as “Chip”.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    So it appears that Bush Derangement Syndrome has crossed the ocean…..I expected that more from Chris Matthews or Keith Olberman.

    I do think it interesting that the newspapers decided to print the shoe size – as though that had some impact on the incident.  Would the story not have been reported if the shoe were a size 11 wide?

    I imagine the slacking Secret Service that took their sweet time getting out from the back room have already taken a good look at the shoe.  They are scrutinizing whether the perpetrator wore comfort inner soles, Dr Scholls foot odor eaters, were the laces genuine leather or Naugahyde, etc.  

  • Knightbrigade

    third world clown is LUCKY….

    I hope he is enjoying what TRUE freedom is. Even though he abused it, and crossed the line.

    Raise your hand if you think that Saddam would have cut him into little bits. ^ ^ ^

    I myself and many who I socialize with would have made sure his forehead had an indent with the heel of his shoe on it. Well, only if it was done in THIS country of course.

    Many may not like what leaders do, but that gives NO right to get physical.

    Could you imagine someone at an Obama rally trying to do that?!! I would hope that such a person could only eat jello for at least six months.

    This situation is a bit delicate, so we will just let it slide, and get out of that kitty litter box asap.

    I just hope other loony shitbags don’t get the idea that it’s open season on ANY public/private people they don’t agree with or like.