Immigrate to MA to leech off the public dole.

Law won’t let unemployed visit Mass. for benefits

By Associated Press

Friday, December 26, 2008

New federal rules will end the flow of people who travel to Massachusetts each year to claim some of the nation’s most generous unemployment benefits.

Under the old rules, laid-off workers who earned wages in more than one state could file for unemployment in any state, as long as they did so in person. Nearly 8,000 people who never worked in Massachusetts filed for unemployment compensation here in 2007.

Massachusetts has the highest maximum weekly benefit in the nation, $628 plus $25 for each dependent, and pays initial benefits for longer than most states.…

This is a good news story, I guess.  At least we’ll be stolen from slightly less than we have been.

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  • Karl Marx

    Massachusetts most generous unemployment benefits. There is some evidence that unemployment benefits serve as a disincentive to find new work. If only Massachusetts could bring its U/I benefits closer to the national average the state’s business climate would improve. But no we can have  that because …unions always complain about “cutting” benefits.

    Some more information can be obtained from NFIB.

  • Laurel

    “filing for” does not mean “received”.  the article never tells us how many of those 8,000 claims were actually honored.  the omission leads the reader to assume one of two things

    *  all 8,000 got their benefits, or

    *  the herald is trying to slant the news.

    the herald would never try to slant the news, would it?  would it? 😉

  • nomad943

    I once had the pleasure of collecting UC off of a job I had in the state of Connecticut.

    The little know caviat to CT law is that someone is “entitled” to collect off of two entirely different benifit years based upon the same single base wage period. Now thats a perk if I ever saw one.

    For somebody working as a contractor and used to getting the rug pulled out from under them with predictable regularity, Connecticut offers a well deserved break from chasing that ever illusive block of cheese.

    Mass is nothing special IMO.