AP has just released an investigative story re Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. The good news is that the Bush Administration and prominent Republican Senators put on a full court press to rein in these two corrupt federally backed lenders. The bad news is that former Republican solons successfully lobbied to deep six the rescue legislation. There is much blood on both democrat and republican hands but the real stars who gave it their best shot to halt these runaway institutions were all republicans–Dole, McCain, Hagel and Sununu.…

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  • are reading it right.

    The bill to put controls ON Freddie and Fannie was sponsored by those 4 you listed.

    The article says F+F heavily lobbied “Republicans and 4 Democrats” to kill the bill.

    Did those 4 that sponsored the bill kill the bill or was it killed by “the rest”??

    Never followed it…

  • geo999

    But the brain-trust that went to the polls a month ago get the bulk of their news & opinion from Overmin and Stewart.

    I find the new found ignorance of the New Hampshire electorate especially loathsome.