Gaming co. sues Timothy Cahill, Mark Cavanagh

(Dems accused of corruption?  Here in Massachusetts?  I’m shocked I tell you!  SHOCKED! – promoted by DD4RP)

By Greg Turner

The Boston Herald – Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Rhode Island company has sued Massachusetts’ treasurer and top lottery official, accusing them of favoring a competitor in awarding lucrative state contracts.

Bingo Innovative Software LLC seeks $20 million in damages in the federal civil lawsuit filed against state Treasurer Timothy Cahill and Mark Cavanagh, executive director of the Massachusetts State Lottery.


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  • what they have is a loose reference to a newspaper article about consulting fees paid by their competitor to a friend of Cahill’s?


    Lemme know when the hand’s puttin’ the cash in the brozierre.

  • It’s still developing, but not an entirely new.  This is from the Boston Globe back in August:

    The Globe reported that Cahill, rejecting recommendations from top aides, steered the lion’s share of a $24 million state lottery contract to print tickets and create games to Scientific Games and approved three one-year extensions when the firm was paying anywhere between $132,000 and $170,000 in fees to Kelly. Cahill, as treasurer, leads the Lottery Commission.

    So, if he was rejecting advise from his top aides and giving contract to this company instead, I’d like to know why.  I don’t know for sure if anything illegal happened.  I only know what’s in the papers, but I think there are some questions that should be answered.