Festus Thinks Marriage Only About Feelings

In chimpschump’s Lisa Miller Should Know Better Diary, Festus Garvey objected to Claude Rhaines’ contention that his support of same-sex marriage was based on nothing but “feelings”.  Festus replied “No where in my answer do I use the word “feelings”…

But in that very same diary, he admits that it is indeed all about “feelings”, when explaining why he doesn’t support the Egg And Sperm Civil Union Compromise:

…if you could “package” your rap into an anti-genetic engineering position…you’d have me and a whole lot of people on your side.  There are many problems that the “possibilities of science” are giving us and we’ve had no debate on it and debate is critical.

But I’ll have no part of your myopic topic that is surrounded in hate.

Festus seems to believe that any opposition SSM is “surrounded by hate”, even when it is is very explicitly not.  Festus, hate is a “feeling”, and nowhere did I mention any feelings.  (Well, I do mention human dignity and equality, which could be called feelings.)  To you, apparently, the marriage debate is all about not hurting any gay person’s feelings.

To me it is about getting equal protections to same-sex couples that deserve and need them as soon as possible, and preserving individual conception rights and preventing eugenics.  It’s certainly not about hate, and mushy “feelings” shouldn’t prop open the door to eugenics and threaten everyone’s basic civil rights.  I’m not going to condescend by adopting some fake smiley mask or change my tone or hide the effects of prohibiting genetic engineering on same-sex rights:  It will mean a difference in rights for same-sex couples, and that is going to hurt some people’s feelings.  But that isn’t a good enough reason to leave same-sex conception legal, or strip conception rights from everyone’s marriage.

It’s time to face facts.  It is not hateful to oppose same-sex marriage, and the time has come to put feelings aside and enact the Egg And Sperm Civil Union Compromise so we can come together and move forward.

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