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  • Festus Garvey

    He gives money to a Salvation Army bell-ringer, he takes pictures for tourists, he wants to stand just like Sam Adams…and bring about change.  With candidates like that, let the countdown start for the end of Dem rule in MA (but the countdown starts in the gazillion days).

  • Laurel

    this would explain why he apparently has learned nothing, since he fails to summarize what all those houses want from government.  maybe he should try knocking on doors instead.  there are often people on the other side of those doors who will speak to a candidate.  just a tip.  don’t say i didn’t try to help you succeed, doug.

    go doug go!

  • Bennett’s knocked on close to 32,000 Boston Homes so far.  That is why he has traction and that is why the democrats are scared.  The scenario is that this election is non-partisan and it will come down to who has organized Boston best.  Without doubt, Bennett will be elected to the City Council.  If you want to hear what the issues are go to http://www.bennettforboston.com and either read what Bennett has to say or what other interview clips of Bennett say.  Bennett’s been to my house and I live in South Boston and from what I hear is that Bennett is currently canvasing Roxbury.  Hey Laurel, maybe because of Bennett, Liberty Lives, but for fakers like yourself may you RIP.