Deval: $23,000,000 in new spending on… nothing.

Patrick releases money for raises

by The Republican Newsroom

Thursday December 25, 2008, 6:20 AM


BOSTON – Despite a state budget crisis, Gov. Deval L. Patrick on Wednesday released $23 million for long-awaited pay raises for 30,000 human service workers across the state……

Let’s break this down…


Increase spending without increasing service.

Give away pay raises retroactive to July.

Burry the news story by choosing this timing.

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  • Festus Garvey

    Beat up on human service workers (the one making about 30,000 a year taking care of the mentally ill, trying to help drug addicts in recovery and other things the “market” seems to ignore) who are getting an estiminated $750 pay raises that were promised them last July.  

    I mean really!  There are many outrages to complain about in this day and age.  Me…I’m outraged with billions in taxpayer money bailing out banks and then the banks won’t tell us how the money is being used and their executives are still gettin 7 figure bonuses after they ran the firms ito the ground.  

    Ya, I’m outraged by that.  But appartently this outrage did not drive you to blog about it.  Instead the outrage you choosed to write about was a bunch of human service workers geting their promised $750 pay raise.  ANd you complained about it on Christmas Day.  Yup that say a lot.  

  • If Deval gave away his own money you might have an argument.  Instead what he did was steal our money and pass it off to people who take their living off the taxpayers.  Santa doesn’t come down the chimney to rob your house.

    To be clear:  This was not one extra minute of care for the mentally ill.  Not one extra bit of treatment for a drug addict.  Just more cash for those who take a living from the government.

    You should be outraged about the bailout as am I.  I am at least glad that a majority of Republicans voted against the bank bailout while a majority of Dems voted for it.  I opposed it from day one while Obama, Pelosi, Reed and the Democrat controlled congress have championed it.  Now they champion even more bailouts for big corporations.  I oppose those as well.  If only the policies I support were implemented these bailouts would not happen.  Unfortunately socialists are in charge.