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Rob Willington is organizing Massachusetts bloggers for a charitable drive this Christmas season with his project Blogs For Joy.

Red Mass Group is proud to join the Blogs For Joy network.

Please consider donating to one of these fine charities.

Some Great Charities

   * Globe Santa

   * Salvation Army

   * Lazarus House

   * Toys for Tots

   * Greater Boston Food Bank

   * Operation Warm

   * Operation Home Front

   * Labels are for Jars

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Enhance The Joy

Joy does not have to be a rare commodity. With a few simple actions, you can dramatically increase the happiness and well being of people in need. Whether it’s giving a young child a toy, or helping someone with a coat during these brutal New England winters, you can make a huge difference.

The blogging community has a voice (and those that read blogs tend to be activist sby nature, they are connectors). So, I think we as bloggers hold a lot of influence and with influence comes responsibility. Let’s point the Massachusetts blogging community into a mission that we all agree with, enhancing joy among those in need.

With all the talk of our “hurting economy” it’s usually thought of in the context of “me” and “my future” with little regard about another community in need. Just because you don’t see it in your life on a daily basis does not mean there is no need.

Toys For Tots recommends an unwrapped toy under $10. That’s two cups of coffee at Starbucks. Two cups of coffee! Yes, starbucks brews some good coffee (in my opinion) but that $10 will do a whole lot more for the child in need.

Let’s light up the Mass blogging community to increase the joy among the joyless in our state.

If you would like to be given access to BlogsForJoy just send an email Bogs[FOR]Joy[AT] and provide the link of your blog.

   The 10 Point Joy List

      1. Organize a drive (toys, jackets etc) and blog it (here and crosspost it)

      2. Link to one or more of the Joy Avenues on your blog

      3. Submit additional Joy Avenues for us to post

      4. Work a soup kitchen

      5. Recruit other blogs to join the JoyNetwork

      6. Spread the word re BlogsForJoy via Twitter

      7. Spread the word re BlogsForJoy via Facebook

      8. Spread the word re BlogsForJoy via MySpace

      9. Spread the word re BlogsForJoy via LinkedIn

     10. Spread the word re BlogsForJoy via Tumblr

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