Another step on a slippery slope….1st cousins marriage.

When marriage in Massachusetts became something other than ‘one man and one woman’ it seems folks other than the GLBT community wanted in on the act.  Scientific American has released a story suggesting that 1st cousins should be able to marry regardless of the increased chance of birth defects among offspring.

This new insight is the result of a story produced on this website: http://biology.plosjournals.or…

which basically suggests that all that worry about incest was nothing more than silly old superstition.  And, the 31 states that currently outlaw the marriage between first cousins are behind the times and need to wake up.  Great!

Read the review of that research on Scientific American here:…

So is this another step on a very slippery slope?  Wasn’t it logical to assume that once two men or two women could marry that the next folks in line would be first cousins, and then brother and sister?  How about humans and animals?

Once that Pandora’s Box is opened it can never be closed.  “So who is it gonna hurt if two men get married” or “The world didn’t end” was the retort from the GLBT community when gay marriage was made law.  Soon enough we will be told that the world won’t end when cousins, and brother and sister want to enter into holy matrimony.

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  • Now I can marry one of my gorgeous “farmer’s daughter” cousins!!!!   Sweeeeeeet……

    This isn’t exactly “news” as a matter of science…another genetic researcher said the same thing 10 years ago when I was studying population genetics.  Problem with this as a matter of policy is that, although having kids with you cousin is rather harmless if done once in one generation….if it’s done a lot in one family, over generations, the coefficient of inbreeding goes up dramatically.

    It’s “news” as a matter of current sociopolitical issues…mainly the rather recent debates about marriage sparked by the MA SJC decision.

    Since marriage is no longer about procreation and the furthering of society….why can’t I marry my sister?  I lived with her for years, raised her child as my own……and would have loved to have them covered under my health insurance.

  • Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno

    But 1st Cousins Marriage is not that new of an idea. While I wouldn’t particularly condone it, in my heritage Acadian, there were lots of 1st cousin marriages with the blessing of the Church.  It was done for survival of the colony.

  • in 5….4….3….2…

  • This will help remind people that marriage is the right to conceive children together, and we don’t let couples all conceive children together.  We don’t let them marry if they are prohibited from conceiving together.

    Also, genetic risk is not the only reason states don’t let first cousins marry, or siblings.  After all, it applies even to adopted children.  Another reason is to allow the family to develop stronger kinship bonds that are not undermined by sexual attractions, to remove those tensions and temptations and create trust and security, where people know who is off limits.  If first cousins weren’t off limits, if it were announced that it was OK for them to marry, they’d lose a huge a degree of trust and comfort with each other, and not be able to develop close bonds as kin.

    The same thing happened to close friendships when homosexuality became officially ‘OK’, it made it hard to have more than superficial relationships with friends, like in those beer ads.

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  • Knightbrigade

    a sweet Christmas Eve j/k

    Everyone reading this post, be sure to bring it up at all your family gatherings…you’ll be the life of the party.

    OK I’ll stop with the cracks.

    If first cousin marriage to what ever degree of negative outcome now becomes an everyday event, this will just continue along with gay marriage to lay the ground work of having society slide to WHATEVER is down the line. As ElectricStrawberry says, negative outcome from first cousins is comparable to women over 35 conceiving.

    So being against GAY marriage, or first cousin marriage more than likely would not be for medical scientific reasons. Maybe for other FUTURE forms of manufactured marriage, but not these.  

    THIS to me boils down to a subtle difference. Electric is fine with the “WILL of the people” shaping society.

    Which I and most would agree.

    BUT…….what happens when that “WILL of the people” is SHAPED by aggressive tactics over a long period of time..

    as is the case with this issue.

    Step by step until the institution of marriage is meaningless.

    To me people have a right to do just about anything BEHIND closed doors as long as they don’t hurt anyone.

    That doesn’t mean I want to see a Carnival cruise commercial with a (MAN and his dog) wedding package, anytime in my life.  

    Society needs to have a foundation of some basic values…..

  • If other people have the “right” to marry my sister, why can’t I?  This violates my constitutional “rights!”  Outrageous!

    If a single man has the “right” to get married why doesn’t a married one?  This violates his constitutional “right” to multiple wives!  Outrageous!

    Incidentally, those rights are found in section, um, well, it must be here somewhere.

    Oh well, I guess we can just pretend it’s there and violate everyone’s right to vote… which actually exists in the real world, and the real Constitution.  I’m sure nobody will notice the SJC acting as an oligarchic dictatorship.  If they notice and complain about it we’ll just call them hate filled bigots over and over to disguise the issue.