All conservatives and libertarians, heed this message and get viral

The latest lesson comes from Israel which learning that the world sports a nasty bias against the only longstanding democracy, established its own YouTube Channel. Unlike the 2006 debacle, the military strikes against Hamas are driving the news coverage. This is beyond Rapid Response; this is framing the debate. The time to establish a YouTubeChannel has arrived. Copious Dissent shows the way.

On December 29th, 2008, the Israeli Defense Force launched its own YouTube Channel, and within one week it was driving all the News and Politics on YouTube. This was a brilliant Public Relations move in order to circumvent the Leftist Press.

More importantly, this should be a model for Conservative and Libertarian bloggers to follow. YouTube, regardless of its documented bias against Conservatives, is the most efficient way at reaching the largest number of people at the cheapest price.

Moreover, it is driving mainstream news shows more and more often. Consequently, any serious grassroots Conservative group without a YouTube channel, that is constantly updated and generating subscribers, is going to be irrelevant within the next decade.

Just to prove this point, an obscure Air America show, The Young Turks, has already started to generate a loyal fan base. They launched their own YouTube channel a little over a year ago, and have become the daily Leftist political fix for the next generation.

TYTs have grown substantially for their relative lack of fame, gaining 33,000+ subscribers in a very short time. These subscribers are alerted immediately whenever TYTs upload a new video, sending thousand of people to view their channel. The more immediate viewers, the faster it goes up the search engines on YouTube, creating an exponential boost in traffic in under a day.

Sadly, there is no comparative conservative counterpart…yet.

Meanwhile the Obama Army marches on. For them it's a sin to be untethered to the Grid.


The bully pulpit has long been one of the most potent weapons in any president's arsenal—but its potency is often a function of technology, from the radio broadcasts that brought FDR's fireside chats into American homes to the YouTube videos now issuing from the office of the president-elect. But the sophisticated online operation of Barack Obama's campaign may position him to mobilize his hyperconnected supporters in novel ways and at unprecedented scale. Judging by a new survey from the Pew Internet & American Life Project, he may already be off to a healthy start.

The weeks after an election are often a welcome respite for Americans who have been inundated with political news for months.

But a report released by Pew today—an apéritif for a larger election report due out early next year—finds that many of the Obama supporters who made up the president-elect's online army have stuck around.

According to a survey of 2,254 adults—1,591 of them Internet users—conducted in late November and early December, 27 percent of “wired” (i.e. Internet-using) Obama voters have gone online to learn about or discuss the presidential transition since the election. The vast majority of those are users who were politically engaged online during the campaign: 33 percent of those voters have used the Internet to follow the transition, compared with just 4 percent of 'Net users who didn't.

By contrast, among McCain voters who were politically engaged online during the campaign, only 11 percent have used the 'Net since to visit sites devoted to electing Republicans or reviving the party's fortune.


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  • The Angelic One

    I posted a diary on this issue earlier in the year (specifically August 14, 2008). It generated few responses. Here’s some of the observations I made back then:

    “If Barack Obama wins the presidency this November, a part of his success might be attributed to his superb skills as an organizer. This recent New York Times article should be a wake-up call to John McCain in particular & Republicans in general if it isn’t already. Team Obama’s creative use of today’s new technology is part of the reason why the mass media is in love with him (ideological compatibility is another). It’s also going to be an important tool for Obama to use as president & has the potential to significantly transform the art & science of grassroots politics. Obama isn’t kidding when he fancies his candidacy (& potential presidency) as “transformational”. Get serious about this, GOP. Get serious!”

    “Contemporary communications technology has the potential to bypass traditional mass media “gatekeepers” & traditional hierarchical power structures in such a way as to empower citizens – should said citizens choose to accept the responsibilities of empowerment. Although the dream of “direct democracy” has a strong hold on many liberals, the reality is that a lot of people (for whatever reasons) opt out of civic engagement. As you know, all elections don’t involve 100% of registered voters (& it’s even worse with local elections). So, too, will it be with the amount of citizens who enhance their political empowerment through communications technology (benefiting political activists with strong ideological convictions). Those political parties which embrace the new communications technologies (& in the process morph from a hierarchical structure to a “matrix” structure) have a better chance of positioning themselves for the future than those parties which are either unable or unwilling to do so.”

  • I forget how I came across his You Tube channel, but he has 2000+ subscribers.


    It’s an abbreviated version of their podcast (  

    Newt Gingrich has a channel as well:

  • Knightbrigade

    We/Conservatives may lag behind the nut roots for now, but we are very capable of bypassing MSM and getting our message out.

    As far as the activism, fundraising, and communication levels that the left reaches. We will need to catch up.

    RED STATE is a could example of what WE do now. That needs to be expanded, maybe with with an additional youtube type format with servers for uploading/downloading content for grassroots etc.

    ALL the tech geeks aren’t lefties, are they!??

    THIS can be done…BUT it will take a LOT of dedication and coordination.