A Farewell Kiss

(Who throws a shoe? Honestly! You fight like a woman! – Austin Danger Powers. – promoted by DD4RP)

El Presidente was featured today dodging footware being thrown by a greatful liberated Iraqi journalist ..

Evidently the words the journalist was  yelling translate to “here is a farewell kiss, you dog”

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  • geo999

    …deserving of some poetic justice.

    My bad side hopes that this so-called “reporter” wakes up tomorrow in an Iraq hospital wondering where the hell his feet went.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    I was just thinking how this kind of bad behavior (throwing shoes at dignitaries) is now becoming more popular in the United States.  There was a time when people showed respect in this country, but more everyday politicians seem to be treated like third world chumps by having shoes thrown at them, pies shoved in their face, personal assualts screamed from the audience, etc.  I disagree with almost everything Deval patrick and Barack Obama could do or say, but I would never throw anything at them or act like an uncivilized slob in their presence.

    This didn’t seem to happen 30 or 40 years ago, but now is becoming far more popular as we begin to act more like people from under civilized societies.  I realize the video is filmed outside the US, but that same bad behavior is coming to a town near you.  It is sad that more every day we are acting like the people that come here from violent third world nations.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    is still, and likely always will be, a great landmass full of uneducated swine.  The fact that an Iraqi reporter would throw a show at a foreign dignitary says so much about them.  At this point I say let’s get the hell out of Iraq and if the terrorists take over then so be it.  Let them all die as the lowly swine they are.  until they decide to change – we can’t change them.

  • why can’t we just slaughter a pig over this guy, shoot him, they bury him in a sexual position with said pig. The arabs are already pissed at us for detaining him, I say we egg them on a bit.


  • What I learned at Red Mass Group:

    Iraqis are all uneducated swine.

    “I’m not a cruel person, but…” a guy who throws a show should be sexually tortured and killed.

    Leave to the ever-so-highly educated, really Christian crew at Red Mass Group to sit around dreaming up way-cool tortures for a halfwit who tossed a shoe. Funny, too, how a mass of primitive, educated swine on the other side of the globe managed to pose so imminent a threat to the United Staes that we have had to spend upwards of a trillion dollars subjugating them. How much is it gonna cost if we ever have to go head-to-head with an educated, sophisticated culture? Oh, wait, I forgot, we don’t tangle with the big boys. The Republic took on Germany and Japan; the Empire prefers displaying its might against Afghanistan, Iraq, Serbia, Grenada, Panama, Vietnam, Cambodia, and etc. And even then it can’t freaking win. No, wait, the struggle against the Cuban contractors in Grenada was, ultimately, a victory. I think.    

    For all his failings, GW was far classier his take on the incident. What I thought was pretty cool was that he ducked the first shoe, bobbed right back up again, dodged the second and stayed up. Not every leader would have.