A billion here and another billion there

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The Governor needs help in identifying cuts to the state budget. Where should the cuts come from? Patrick knows that asking for tax increases during a downturn isn't politically prudent. But he's still pining for a telecomm tax that might dampen investment in the Bay State.

“It's a crummy time to ask people for broad-based taxes,” he said. “But I think there's a lot we have to do to demonstrate greater efficiencies and the impact on services before the public will accept broad-based tax increases.”

Patrick has also called on the Legislature to pass legislation to allow municipalities to impose a meals tax as well as collect property taxes from telecommunications companies for poles and wires that run over public ways.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Reform the state's prevailing wage law which increases public construction costs bringing more in line with federal Davis Bacon.
  2. Eliminate the state's film tax credit.
  3. Reform the state pension system requiring all new hires participation in a defined contribution system.
  4. Require more municipalities to offer local employee insurance through Group Insurance Commission pool.
  5. Eliminate  — across the board  — mandatory police details.
  6. Increase state employee contribution to health care premiums.
  7. Eliminate the Governor's Washington outreach office.
  8. Eliminate the Trade and Tourism Department.
  9. Postpone subsidies to the biotech industry.




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