Wilkerson violating another court order?

On the day Dianne Wilkerson was indicted it was reported that she was not to destroy any documents at her home or business address without the supervision of prosecutors.  

Judge Timothy S. Hillman originally barred Wilkerson from interacting with any of the 17 witnesses the government has set to testify against the Massachusetts Senator or destroying any documents at her residential or business addresses.

Now, however, Wilkerson has been permitted to converse with government witnesses and to “separate any documents that she wishes to dispose of,” which prosecutors will be allowed to sort through in search of evidence, according to The Boston Herald.

U.S. Attorney Michael Sullivan’s office said the changes in previous conditions for release issued by Judge Hillman were expected and standard, and court records are often sealed during trial proceedings, the likely reason for many documents having been sealed in Wilkerson’s case.

Today the Boston Herald is reporting that Wilkerson returned to her office to clean it out.  The article says that her staff is throwing out documents.

In Wilkerson’s office, staffers were seen tossing two large bins filled with constituent letters, communications from colleagues and take-out menus from the office.

I’m wondering if the U.S. Attorney or his representatives were present.  

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