Why They Hate Sarah

It is understandable that much of the focus of this Presidential election has been on Sarah Palin.

She being a relative newcomer to the national scene, there were legitimate questions to be answered about her record and her views.

But early on, before the nation got the opportunity to know who was this woman from the 49th state – liberals in the media, the blogosphere, and even in the opposing party, decided to create their own narrative for Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin 1

Liberals have two favored methods of dealing with those with whom they disagree:

1) Ridicule; deride/show contempt for the intellect, education, regional mannerisms, or belief system of an opponent.

2) Moral Outrage; accuse opponent of bigotry or heartlessness.

These methods, and more, have been employed against Sarah Palin.

From the despicable rumors about baby Trig, to smears accusing her of callousness toward rape victims, the left has engaged in fetid campaign to destroy the character of the Alaska Governor.

The question is:

Why do Democrats feel such hatred for Sarah Palin?

She’s Attractive.

Democrats nominated a candidate based largely on what he looks like – a handsome, youthful, vibrant black man.  

The Republican nominee countered with a VP candidate that is an attractive, youthful, vibrant woman.

Liberals, feeling entitled to put the first woman or minority candidate into the White House were incensed by the possibility of the GOP beating them to the punch.


She’s Experienced.

Pitting Obama v McCain on experience was a loser for the Democrats, and they knew it.  

They began comparing their Presidential nominee to the Vice Presidential nominee of the Republicans.

Unfortunately, Sarah Palin, by any objective measure, has greater experience in governance.


She’s Smart.

Early mishandling by the campaign, embargoing Mrs. Palin, over coaching, and her inexperience in the shark-tank of national media, made for an early misstep, and provided an opening for the opposition.

Since then, there has been a full time effort by network journalists, pundits, late night comedians, and the liberal chattering class to portray The Governor as an ignorant, backwater hick.

For liberals, the ivy League pedigree is the gold standard, trumping all “lesser” education and experience – but Sarah Palin’s record in elected office, and her increasingly impressive interviews and appearances have made it ever more difficult for them to maintain their illusion of her as a vapid beauty queen.

Obama’s main resume points are his purported academic achievements, though there is scant evidence of his much ballyhooed brilliance.

We’ve yet to see a Harvard Law Review article, a thesis, a transcript, or even a letter to the editor to support the claim that he possesses a superior intellect.


She Has a Downe’s Syndrome Baby.

Photos of the adorable little Trig, Happy, smiling, and loved, are too much guilt for the far left.  

90% of all “Trigs” are aborted, using the hideous and barbaric D&E method. I’ll not describe it here, for it is truly monstrous.

But it shows, without guile, that Sarah Palin doesn’t just talk a good game, she lives it.

(btw, Trig is the infant that the left claimed to have belonged to Palin’s teen aged daughter)


She Took On Her Own Party.

Sarah Palin rose through the ranks on her own merits. She risked her own political future by facing down corruption at the highest levels of the Republican Party in Alaska.

She is a true maverick. Washington elites fear the independent-minded.

Unlike Obama, no one has had to run interference for her.


She’s a Good Campaigner.

Obama is a skilled orator. Armed with a script, a teleprompter, and a faithful crowd, he has the ability to make the written word come alive.

He is a fine talent.

Sarah Palin can also inspire an audience. With a more mid-west, plain spoken approach, her down to earth style has a common touch that infuriates elitists who have contempt for “nascar” type people.


Liberals, of course will deny that their tactics amount to “hate”.

But a preponderance of evidence, from fantasies of

violent assault against the Governor, to this:

Palin hung

…to me at least, would indicate otherwise.

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