What Happens Next: Kris Mineau

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This Q&A with Massachusetts Family Institute President Kris Mineau is the second in a series of interviews with conservative and libertarian leaders throughout the state. The purpose of the series, What Happens Next, is to gather perspectives on the current state of the Massachusetts Republican Party and Massachusetts politics.

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Peter Torkildsen

Garrett: How would the Massachusetts Family Institute describe the state of politics in Massachusetts?

Kris: Despicable! We live in a one-party state where the ultra-liberal Democrat agenda controls everything.

Garrett: Why is the Massachusetts Republican Party in its current position and how does it improve?

Kris: Leaders of the Party have lost their willingness to call the Democrats to task on a variety of issues, and their brand is tarnished-making running as a Republican more difficult than it’s ever been before. In many cases, the Party lost it’s moorings on traditional family values and fiscal conservatism-even when they had the majority of MA voters on the conservative side of the issues (such as allowing a vote on marriage). When they are no different than the Democrats, people vote for the real Democrat rather than the pseudo-democrat. And in some cases, we have seen Democrats running and winning election who are more conservative than elected Republicans in neighboring districts. To come back, the Party needs to attack the tremendous corruption on Beacon Hill, and raise enough money to get that message out.

Garrett: What is the status of the social conservative movement in Massachusetts?

Kris:  Small in numbers, somewhat fragmented but absolutely dedicated to the cause. We have the potential to make a difference if stay true to our core values and work together. The silent majority of people are with us, but they spend their time working, raising families, and are engaged in their communities and churches. It’s the single-mindedness and intensity of activism on the other side that makes ultra-liberal, out-side-the-mainstream victories possible. We need to do more to counter that.

Garrett: Is the condition of the Massachusetts Republican Party related to the condition of the conservative movement in Massachusetts?

Kris: No. We haven’t deserted our principles, but in many cases the party has. It’s hard for our activists to get excited about pro-choice, pro-same-sex marriage Republican candidates. It causes many would-be Republican activists to get discouraged.

Garrett: What role do you see MFI playing in future elections?

Kris: MFI’s role has always been issue advocacy, and does not get involved in elections due to its tax status. However, we do send out a candidate questionnaire, evaluating where candidates stand on many issues to educate voters on those facts. Many of us volunteer and coordinate with other organizations, such as MIPAC and the Coalition for Marriage and Family, which play more of a role in elections.

Garrett: What are the short term and long term legislative goals of MFI?

Kris: Oppose the “Transgender Bill,” which would grant special rights to cross-dressers, and allow men unfettered access to women’s gym locker rooms and public rest rooms. Long term: protect the liberties that are being threatened by the legalization of same-sex marriage, such as religious liberty, freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of conscience, and the rights of parents to raise their children to have their values without interference and condemnation from state-funded public schools. If possible, reverse the legalization of same-sex marriage.

Garrett: Who is your opposition?

Kris: MassEquality, GLAD, GLSEN, Planned Parenthood, Bay Windows and MassAlliance.

Garrett: What role has the “new media” played in your organization?

Kris: We are constantly improving our capabilities in the electronic media, sending weekly e-alerts, posting on blogs, etc.

Garrett: What are your thoughts on Mass Resistance?

Kris: They are fighting against many of the same culturally disastrous issues as MFI. However, we often differ in our strategic approaches and have different ways of addressing these issues.

Garrett: Is gay marriage here to stay?

Kris: No. We sincerely believe that this is a radical and delusional social experiment that will ultimately fail when people see the tragic results on the traditional family and most of all, children.

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