We Need to Keep U.S. Attorney Mike Sullivan

Can anyone think of a scarier scenario than AG Eric Holder replacing Mike Sullivan with a left leaning U.S. Attorney?  

That would mean that in a state with all Democrat officials – our new watchdog for corruption will be an insider.

So in the middle of Mike Sullivan revealing the corruption among the rank and file pols – there is a chance that he will be replaced. Or am I wrong about that, I just thought that these guys serve at an administrations whim?

Does anyone trust a new person to do the job that Mike Sullivan has done so well?  He has not been a partisan, he has been a leader and outstanding USA.  He fights for what is right and should be rewarded for his efforts.  

I am not as confident that any replacement will be as qualified or as willing to look past party lines.  But that’s just me.  

Mr. Sullivan thank you for all that you do.  

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